2019 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition

If you are already a pre-registered visitor of SNEC(2019), please login to the Visitor Center by entering your pre-registration number and the registered email address at the login box.
If you are not yet a pre-registered visitor of SNEC(2019), please click the button “Pre-register” or “Register On-site”, any of the two ways to become a professional visitor. A pre-registered visitor can visit the show for free.
Pre-register:click the button “Register”, fill in required information by following the tips and submit it after confirmation. After that, the registration will be finished.
Register On-site:please go to Visitor Registration Counter at the exhibition site and fill in the Visitor Registration Form (Two business cards needed)
If you don’t want to become a visitor but would like to know more about the show, you can click the buttons on the right side to apply for becoming a Regular Member so that you will receive our e-newsletters of show updates. Or you can also apply for becoming an exhibitor or a conference delegate.

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