9th Global Green Energy & PV Financial Summit


Date:   27 May 2020
Room:   Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Grand Shanghai Ballroom 2
Time:    13:30-17:30

Faced with the new business models of the renewable energy industry in 2020, the 9th Global Green Energy and PV Financial Summit will focus on high-quality energy development. Based on photovoltaic power generation, this summit will combine energy storage, smart power distribution, smart energy use, digital energy, etc., to build the new energy structure, increase market scale, and drive broader developments. The conference will also discuss how new financing channels can provide a strong driving force for sustainable development of the renewable energy industry such as the photovoltaic industry, revitalize the photovoltaic industry and open up new development trends.

Focusing on techfin and fintech perspectives, this summit will bring together senior experts and stakeholders in the PV and renewable energy industry to explore a series of systematic and innovative arrangements of financial instruments, systems, policies and services, and discuss the technological means of PV finance to promote the development of photovoltaic technology and build the future energy structure. The topic also includes how to use big data, cloud computing and other technologies to monitor the operation status of photovoltaic power plants, power generation performance, revenue and subsidies, and attract the interest of both banks and users, so as to balance the dual need for "bank risk control" and for "user loan cost control" and achieve grid parity in PV industry.